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roof light blind in guernsey

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

This very unique roof light space at our client's property in Guernsey, was vital as the main light source to filter light into one of the main rooms in the house which was built partially into the rocks overlooking the Channel.

The downside of such a large roof light was all the heat that it trapped in the room in the summer and the amount of heat that escaped during the winter months, so the challenge was to be able to help with both extremes.

The other immediate challenge to overcome was the sheer expanse of the roof light, at 8 metres long, it was going to need a robust system that could cope with the space. We recommended a motorised Twin Opposing Blind system from #shyshading. This system allowed the flexibility that the client needed to have various options with having the blind partially opened or closed, as required.

This Fabric Tensioned System (FTS) had 4 motors by #somfy and two bespoke head boxes at either end. The two fabrics pulled together to meet in the middle with zip side channels keeping the fabric in place and taught at all times whilst the blind is opened and closed. We recommended a high performance screen fabric to filter the light through whilst keeping out the harmful UV rays.

The blind was installed into a shelf system which was built around the opening with deep cover at the box ends to hide the boxes and allow the system to sit on the shelf and be squared up, this made the installation faster and resulted in a very sleek finished look, which perfectly complemented the aesthetics of the room.

All in all we were very privileged to work on such a bespoke project, all the logistics and planning of getting the team and the products over to Guernsey was a challenge that we really relished. It was wonderful to see how happy our clients were with the end results and we were delighted to have been able to have met and exceeded their brief for achieving shade over the whole of their vast rooflight, whilst at the same time improving their experience at home throughout all times of the year.

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