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creating your own grand design with a gable end

Gable end windows are now really popular whether on a new extension in the kitchen/dining room or a loft conversion for a new bedroom suite. They make a real statement and let the light flood in, great for endorphins but they can create a problem of their own when it comes to window coverings...

This is where Bramley Blinds can step in - introducing one of our best selling products for #gablewindows. This cutting edge product offers, blackout, privacy and also protects the room and the people using it from solar glare.

Over the last few years we have seen our #gableendblinds become one of the best selling blinds for these types of windows as they offer all of the above plus, when not in use, they fold really neatly to the top of the ceiling or with a bit of forward planning with the creation of a void in the planning and design stages of the build, these blinds can seamlessly disappear when not in use.

The majority of these blinds are motorised and can also be integrated into smart home controls such as #somfy and #control4, #loxone and all other leading smart home automation systems.

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