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Shading Solutions

Whatever the shape, size or age of your windows, we can produce bespoke engineered shading solutions. For example, we provide commercial roller blinds for large, angled,and unusually shaped windows for commercial and historic buildings, hotels, exclusive residential properties, super yachts, cruise liners… and more…   

We excel in creating designs for the unusual. Whatever the shading needed, We will find a solution. After all, It’s not just a window covering; we make blinds which are an integral part of the design, climate control and fabric of the building. We use innovative technologies and premium materials to ensure the highest quality.  

If you would like to find out more about our shading solutions, please call us to discuss your requirements: 01483 8982028 or 07760 213 844 and we’d be delighted to talk you through the products and arrange a site visit if desired.

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